Lucie writes  eloquent, stylish, well researched, articles and content for Luxury Travel, Lifestyle, Beauty and Wellness publications with a speciality in the world of  Yachting and a keen interest in entrepreneurship and current affairs. 

Equally at home in the studio, on-location, on stage or hosting  events, Lucie engages amiably and effortlessly with her audience, gaining trust and enabling the story to be heard while delivering the message with clarity, poise and panache. 

Lucie is an experienced Broadcaster, Presenter, Writer and Voice artist having anchored Barcelona’s most widely listened to English language radio program for over 3 years. 

During this time interviewing more than 150 high profile guests (CEOs, Entrepreneurs, Artists, Producers, Actors and Musicians) live on-air and video stream while creating the conversation, informing and entertaining an ever-growing audience both locally and internationally.